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Hans-Albert Färber GmbH
P.O. Box 800 351
D-21003 Hamburg

Phone: +49/40/7216034
Fax: +49/40/7246277

The HANS-ALBERT FÄRBER GMBH was founded in 1984 by Mr. Hans-Albert Färber and is located in the German seaport-city of Hamburg.

Hamburg is the name that represents international trade and a future-orientated economy, coupled with the traditional >>Hanseatic<< spirit of commerce.

The HANS-ALBERT FÄRBER GMBH is specialized in the export of high quality technical products to light- and heavy industries throughout the world.

From it´s founding, the company has been an independent, family owned enterprise. We buy and sell products of internationally recognized manufacturers. We do not offer standard solutions, but special services - also in forwarding - tailored in details to the individual customers requirements.

Dynamic teams of highly-qualified staff are at your disposal for information and expert advice on solving your particular problems.

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Photo: Manfred Zimmermann for ALSEN